Central PC says Mungiki gang and alcoholism are region’s enemies

Published on 02/06/2009

By Job Weru

Central PC Kiplimo Rugut has said the Mungiki menace is a major challenge in the region, adding that the war against the sect was still on.

Leading locals to mark Madaraka Day, the PC advised parents to take charge of their children, saying drug abuse, alcoholism and Mungiki are a threat to the region’s peace and development.

“We fear our children have been drowned in alcoholism, while Mungiki gangs are targeting primary school pupils and secondary school students in forced recruitments,” said the PC.

“We cannot blame poverty and hunger as reasons leading to youths joining the illegal sect. We have to take charge of them and bring them back to normality,” he said.

Mr Rugut also gave notice to vigilantes saying the Government would not tolerate those taking the law into their hands.

“We understand the vigilantes cropped up due to anger after being terrorised by criminal gangs, but this should not be a licence to kill,” he said.

Rugut said the vigilantes were breaking the law and action would be taken against them.

Illicit brew

“Anger that lead to taking the law into own hands is illegal and punishable in law,” he said.

The PC also directed DCs in the province to reduce the number of alcohol selling joints to check rising crime.

“We closed 350 bars last month and I have ordered DCs to crack down against other errant liquor sellers so as to save our children and the region,” the PC said.

Rugut said of 103,000 candidates who sat KCPE last year, more than half scored less than 250 marks of the possible 500, and did not secure admission to secondary schools.

He blamed the dismal performance on cheap liquor.

“Students have been lost in cheap beer and other illicit brew, and we must tame the trend,” he said.

Rugut said there was urgent need to shut some of the joints which were selling cheap liquor to young people and called on local leaders to assist in the Provincial Administration’s efforts to return normalcy.

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