Yvonne Khamati weds ‘man from Matuu’

Published on 01/06/2009

By Stevens Muendo

One of Nairobi’s top secrets is finally out! After a month of speculation, MondayBlues can finally reveal that Yvonne Khamati, Kenya’s head of Chancery and Deputy Permanent Representative to UN-Habitat, is now married to ‘the man from Matuu’.

The youthful diplomat, who rose to stardom after running for a parliamentary seat during the 2002 General Election and later become a member of the Ford-Kenya’s think tank, tied the knot with her old-time friend Vick Kilonzo in a private wedding at Leisure Lodge, Mombasa.

The ceremony was officiated by officers from the Attorney General’s office and witnessed by Judy Sijeny, Fida vice-chairlady, and a man identified as Jack Wamboka.

“They looked happy and madly in love as they walked hand in hand on the shores of the Indian Ocean next to the hotel. They were kissing and toasting champagne as they enjoyed their evening sea-side walk,” an eyewitness told MondayBlues.

We can also reveal that the couple had visited Yvonne’s family a few weeks before the wedding for a traditional ceremony. Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka introduced Yvonne as Mrs Kilonzo during a recent diplomatic function, which the couple had attended.

The rumour broke out last month when the diplomat changed her Facebook status, adding Kilonzo in her name. Asked about the wedding, the diplomat remained liptied and could only say: “If you can crack it, then do. And until then, it’s for you to decide whether it’s a rumour or a true story.”

Well, now that we know that, indeed, Yvonne is the wife of the man from Matuu, we can still dare you. Keep it here to catch the best moments of the couple’s planned public wedding, which we hear will be held on the lawns of a top golf club this month.

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