Forget post-poll upheaval, Raila tells Central

Published on 30/03/2009

By Moses Njagih

Prime Minister Raila Odinga reached out to Central Kenya residents, urging them to break political barriers that came with the 2007 disputed polls.

Speaking in Kirinyaga, Raila said after the formation of the Grand Coalition Government, leaders were duty-bound to work together.

He urged those who suffered in the post-election violence to forget the turmoil and forge ahead. “We must learn to uphold the tenets of democracy so that we can compete in an election and join hands after,” the Prime Minister said. He said in democracies like the US, President Barack Obama appointed Hilary Clinton to a powerful portfolio despite having been his critic during Democratic Party primaries.

Political Sideshows

Raila said it was time for Kenyans to move on from the ashes of post-election chaos to embrace nationhood. He said during the signing of the national accord, President Kibaki and himself chose to restore peace. “President Kibaki and I have a good relationship despite numerous criticism we have received even from our very own ministers,” Raila said. He asked Kenyans not to be bothered by the political sideshows by some members of the Cabinet. The premier defended the Coalition Government against accusations of abetting graft.

Raila spoke at a fundraising at Our Lady of Sorry Baricho Catholic Church in Ndia constituency.

Raila criticised church leaders, who recently called for fresh elections claiming the Government had a moribund President and an ineffective Prime Minister. He termed the sentiments “hypocritical”.

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