Uhuru not our choice, MPs say

Published on 23/03/2009

By Boniface Gikandi and Moses Njagih

Twenty MPs, some from central Kenya, have dismissed the endorsement of Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta for the presidency in 2012.

And Justice Minister Martha Karua says her quest for the presidency has not caused any bad blood among PNU ministers seeking the same post.

The MPs, among them six assistant ministers, also rubbished the purported alliance between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin.

The MPs from Rift Valley, Eastern, Central and North Eastern provinces meeting in Murang’a said such alliances would promote ethnicity instead of nurturing national unity.

Led by Assistant Ministers Peter Kenneth and John Harun Mwau, they said there were more crucial issues facing Kenyans like famine and poverty.

Mr Kenneth said: “As many Kenyans live in abject poverty, some leaders are pursuing selfish gains.”

Mr Mwau said alliances should be introduced for purposes of development, not for political gains.

useful change

The MPs were speaking at Mung’aria Secondary School in Kandara constituency during a fundraiser at the weekend.

Assistant Minister Cecily Mbarire said the 2007 ethnic-based election divided the country leading to the chaos.

“An alliance between two people cannot bring any meaningful change,” she said.

Kibaki succession

MPs from Uhuru’s backyard of Central Province were Kenneth, Elias Mbau, Clement Muchiri, Maina Kamau, Clement Waibara, Lewis Nguyai and Muturi Mwangi.

Others were Assistant Ministers Kabando wa Kabando and Wavinya Ndeti.

And speaking at African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa in Othaya during the opening of the church’s hall, Karua said the fact that she has declared her intention to succeed Kibaki does not mean enmity with other politicians, especially from Central.

“I know my brothers also want the same position, but that does not mean we are enemies. It is like a race and whoever crosses the finish line first becomes the winner,” she said.

She added: “I, however, want to warn my opponents to brace for a tough battle.”

Karua said the fight for the presidency would be an open race for those willing to succeed President Kibaki.

“I have said many times that the quest for the high seat is like business where people operate different shops with similar items on display. It is upon the customers to decide which shop to flock. Let nobody tell me to shut down my enterprise so that his can attract business,” she said.

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