ICT sector will survive global crisis, says PS

Published on 02/03/2009

By Maseme Machuka

The global financial crisis will not affect the Kenya Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Information and Communication PS Bitange Ndemo says the industry is in the best position to survive the crisis.

Speaking at a Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) luncheon, Dr Ndemo said the industry was performing well.

He said Africa was the only continent ripe for investment in ICT.

However, CCK Chairman Phillip Okundi said the recession was a big challenge to the ICT sector.

Mr Okundi said: “We expect even more drastic times ahead as the recession takes toll on Kenya. We anticipate loss of steam in the industry, but its vibrancy can be sustained.”

He said even at the basic levels, the high prices of food were expected to have ramifications on the consumption of ICT services, which would be reflected in the average revenue per user.

Adapt to turbulence

“The ICT sector may lose some height for a while, but it will adapt to the turbulence of the global economic downturn before rising again to the usual cruise of growth,” added Okundi.

The PS, however, was upbeat that the sector will be more vibrant after the infrastructural development is over.

“We should not blame lack of performance in some industry players on the global meltdown. People are just giving excuses for not doing the right thing,” he said.

Okundi praised the new Communication Amendment Act, saying it would boost the industry to attain its objectives.

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