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President Obama could do with some unsolicited advice. Yesterday, he ordered 17,000 more troops into Afghanistan. We are not sure he is aware of reports 60 per cent of all Afghan policemen are hooked on heroin. You know Afghanistan is the source of 90 per cent of the world’s illicit opium. That would not be the place to dispatch these American teenagers. As the world’s most powerful man, you can change your mind. Change it before all your boys get high on something.


When they build you a house, they indicate where you can cook, bathe, relax or sleep. Today, even smokers have unmistakable and designated zones to puff away their vice stick. Why won’t the Chinese contractor widening the stretch of highway from Mlolongo to Westlands not marking the road in any way? It pains Palaver to see drivers almost cause accidents because they have no idea how much roadroom they are entitled to. Somebody Help.


We are calling GSU’s Joseph Musyoka Nthenge who is Acting Senior Superintendent of Police. Unconfirmed reports from Kuria District talk of a GSU operation gone awry with allegations of brutality and rape. We need your level headedness now that UN Rapporteur, one Philip Alston, is in town collecting just such dirty linen in the disciplined forces.


The Daily Mail reports that the entire crew of a South African Airways flight was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling — for the second time in a month. Five kilos of cocaine was found in one of the crew’s bags. Last month, 15 people were arrested after alighting from a Johannesburg-London flight with bhang and cocaine. What is it about this ‘Johanna’s Bag’ thing anyway?


And finally…
Good grief! Not only is baby-faced 13-year-old Briton Alfie Patten a new father, but he claims to be smitten by 15-year-old Chantelle, the newborn’s mother. Trouble has come thick and fast after another six teenagers claim to be possible fathers to Chantelle’s baby. All have submitted to DNA tests to prove their paternity!

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