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Swift action by MPs needed to end culture of impunity

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Showbiz millions gone with the wind

One of the biggest club hits is none other than Mac Muga — a hard —hitting ‘diss’ track by soft-spoken Bongo sensation Ali Kiba. In fact, the singer ‘disses’ Lucas Mkenda aka Mr Nice, the fallen star with tight lyrics, ease and good flow as follows:

Power-sharing for export, any takers?
Dan Okoth
Group Senior Editor – Online
It’s not Raila but Kenyans under threat
By Kipkirui K’Telwa
Sub-Editor, Online Edition
Kenyans have nothing to lose but their chains
By Rose Nzioka
Standard Group Online Editor
Parliamentary committees lack capacity to investigate
By Stephen Ndegwa
Sub – Editor, The Standard
Police killings: Envoy wants Wako, Ali sacked
UN proposes radical changes in force
Sarah Obama picked to lead tsetse fly fight
Kenyan fishermen now have to sign ‘visitors’ book’ to enter Migingo
Hospitals face acute shortage of incubators
The hunter is now the hunted
AG should resign, police chief be sacked, says UN official
Iranian leader jets in with 200-member delegation
Kofi Annan: Kenya risks sliding back to anarchy
Kenyans want change, US envoy tells President, Prime Minister
Farmers demand dues from NCPB
Looming drug shortage as Global Fund withholds support
Kibaki’s fury over leakage of secrets
People’s verdict: Coalition has let us down
Poll: Kenyans want ‘corrupt’ ministers out
PNU, ODM clash over poll team nominees
A cornered Knut fights back, issues strike threat
Taxpayers to foot more State spending
Kenya’s ‘Guinness Book of Records’ published
Ruto vs Karua: Jirongo admits organising meetings
Kibaki, Museveni discuss disputed island
The end of giant teachers’ union
Mungiki leaders meet UN investigators
End Mau controversy, leaders urge Raila
We’re sorry about IIEC nominee, says House team
Who is after William Ruto?
Anglo Leasing: Kiraitu stirs up the ‘ghosts’
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Turkey lifts entry visa for Kenyans
Sacred crying stone that brings blessing
Kenyatta, Odinga roared and their sons are crowing
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Vote against Miller splits House further