James Ndegwa presents the narrative Ugali for Boys and Not Girls at State House recently.

Talent, flair and a powerful message

He thrilled the audience and left it aching with laughter. James Ndegwa recited the narrative Ugali for boys and not … Read More

Sports steer teenagers away from trouble

A teenager with nothing to do in his or her free time is a recipe for disaster. Idle young people are more likely to be … Read More

Zanga in the Dark Zone

After being hurtled through space, a mysterious force pushes Zanga down to another strange world. But he controls his fa … Read More

Blessings follow obedience

Once upon a time there was a naughty boy who never obeyed his parents. His name was Jeuri. Whenever he was asked to do s … Read More

Talk to Aunt Evelyn

Question: I am one of four children. We live with our mother in my grandfather’s house and people say we are from differ … Read More

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When wheels meet heels

Long time ago, the tarmac was no place for women. It was the men who drove nearly all the cars. But this has since changed as sisters have since grabbed the steering wheel with equal zeal, as confirmed by a simple spot check on any of Kenya’s major urban centres. So, besides having the vehicle move the ladies from one point to another, is there an underlying connection between the ladies and their vehicles?

Huh, a million signatures, why not a million people?
Dan Okoth
Group Senior Editor – Online
Karua script follows that of other African women
By Kipkirui K’Telwa
Sub-Editor, Online Edition
Who will help the runaway brides of Kenya?
By Rose Nzioka
Standard Group Online Editor
Yippee! The Govt is broke, let’s all celebrate
By Stephen Ndegwa
Sub – Editor, The Standard