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Local fans must behave responsibly to avoid further penalties by Fifa

Published on 18/06/2009

The decision by world football governing body Fifa to restrict the number of fans to watch Saturday’s Harambee Stars’ 2010 World Cup/Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers match against Mozambique is commendable.

The move should serve as a lesson for our administrators to take seriously the organisation for matches of such magnitude.

Our administrators appear not keen on their duty while preparing for such matches.

Just four years ago, a fan died at Nyayo National Stadium after more fans were allowed to watch a match between Kenya and Morocco.

Last year, the control of fans during such high profile matches was also wanting and it is no surprise Fifa have moved in to control the situation.

While the organisers are to blame, fans, too, cannot escape blame. Most of them wait until the last minute to purchase entry tickets. Some insist on sitting in non-designated areas, while others turn up at the entry at the last minute even though gates are usually open by 10am.

While administrators should educate fans on etiquette, the supporters should also take it upon themselves to do the right thing.

At the end of the day, fans stand to lose a great deal if Fifa insists they should not attend any matches. It is up to them to behave responsibly.


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