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Pulse – (20/02/2009 )
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Musical chairs in production houses
For the past five years, we have seen various local artistes switch producer in search for the perfect hit. But even so, there are those who have remained loyal to their production houses despite the numerous challenges, writes CAROLINE NYANGA … Read More
Starscope: Mr Nice, former Tanzanian
Five years ago, one Mr Nice, bongo musician, took Tanzania, then East Africa, and finally the continent by storm. His songs not only ruled the airwaves; they were there like oxygen. This astrologer can still remember the song “Kila Mtu na Dame Wake,” and dancing to the opening lines “woiii, woii, woii – oooo” at K2, Kenya … Read more
Rumbling in Rugby
It can be done. Yes we can win the Rugby Sevens World Cup. That is all I thought when Kenya Rugby Sevens team walloped the defending champions New Zealand in the IRB Sevens Circuit in the preliminaries. … Read more
Pimp my Celeb
Everyone has favourites when it comes to celebs. From Amani to Z-Anto there is someone who loves them warts and all. I was just wondering how interesting it would be to have some of our local celebs feature or present their own shows. It’s … Read more
Celeb Rides: Dru’s Lancer
Str8 Up presenter Andrew Siro aka DJ Dru bought his Mitsubishi Lancer MR plain, but in the present day, the car has almost only maintained its shape and a few technical specs. … Read more
Blast from the past: Shengo kissed the doll
Chiwawa: When I was about 11 years I pulled my teachers chair just when she was about to sit on it during a prize-giving day. She ended up landing on the floor. … Read more
Calif raided by KRA over taxes
The home of Genge, Calif Records was raided by officers said to belong to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and City Council. Just like any other enterprises, music stables are expected to remit taxes to KRA annually and Calif is said to have defaulted on their remittance. … Read more
My Style: Lulu hassan, KTN news anchor
My style is… I am a very simple person, if I’m not wearing a suit to work, I usually wear jeans and sporty tops. … Read more
Smitta Smitten’s long lost twin
Peter Ndoria: It’s more flexible. I can look formal when I want to and I can also look rugged when I decide to. With ‘locks, the only way to look formal is to shave. By the way, do guys with ‘locks wash their hair daily? Over to you… … Read more
Blonde blunder
My sister was going on a date with a very eligible man last weekend. Anxiety and excitement overwhelming her, she got carried away that she forgot what his likely topic of discussion would be. Only for her to come back embarrassed — it was so bad that she was wondering if she had dyed her hair blonde. While on her date, the guy had asked her opinion on trying the said ministers at The Hague? Without thinking, she quickly said, … Read more
Candy love tour
Stevens Muendo and a group of artistes took a road trip from Nairobi, through Nakuru and finally to Kisii last weekend. He brings you the low down. … Read more
Super actress
At 21 Linnet Ouma aka Hilda is riding high in local production industry. The Wash and Set television star talks to CAROLINE NYANGA … Read more
Roll like a godpapa
Kenya, and especially Nai, has a lottta wanna-bees. I’ve noticed this in me last five as a show-biz wolf, yuppies who wanna overwhelm with cheddar, n kittens who think they’re the creamski on the cat’s whiskers. Thaz why those speed-dates n … Read more
Matatu feature was great
Hello Pulse crew! Your feature on matatus was good work. Stevens Muendo gave us glimpse on what happens across the country as far as immorality is concerned. It is sad that Matatu touts and the like prey on schoolgirls. This makes us wonder what learning institutions are teaching to curb this immorality. … Read more

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