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Civil society urges Kibaki to call for fresh polls
Thursday February 17, 2005
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Civil society urges Kibaki to call for fresh polls

By Francis Openda

Thirty civil society organisations yesterday told President Kibaki to dissolve his government and call for fresh elections.

Speaking under the banner, "Yellow Movement on Constitutional Review", the groups accused the Government of being responsible for the spiralling corruption and insecurity in the country.

In a statement, they told MPs to seek a fresh mandate from Kenyans, saying the Narc administration had maintained the status quo inherited from Kanu for self- preservation.

"Little wonder then that in just two years the Kibaki-Narc revolution has turned into revulsion," they said.

They claimed the stalled constitutional review process makes Kibaki a "knock-kneed" President incapable of summoning the necessary political or moral will to fight corruption.

"The best President Kibaki can do is to protect king pins of corruption through transfers while sacrificing lower cadres to secure and perpetuate cronyism," they claimed.

The groups included the National Convention Executive Council (NCEC), Legal Resource Foundation, Citizens Coalition for Constitutional Change, FIDA, Education Centre for Women in Democracy, Kenya Human Rights Commission and the Centre for Governance and Democracy.

Others were Release Political Prisoners, People Against Torture, Amnesty International (Kenya), National Youth Movement, Youth Agenda and Mazingira Institute.

They said the political elite had put in place an elaborate and well-orchestrated conspiracy to perpetuate poverty through grand plunder of public resources.

"Unabated violence and gross inequities are now becoming unstoppable, courtesy of the current despotic Constitution of Kenya, which abets and fosters them, they said.

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