What could make or break Kenya

Internal Security Minister George Saitoti claimed the chilling death-threat letter found in MPs’ pigeon holes in Parliament was authored by a “serial psychopath” who has been on the prowl for 15 years.

The quest for a new constitution now hinges on three contentious issues that have been identified by the Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review. Read More

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New beginning as City Hall unveils new by-laws

Beware while in Nairobi, rules have changed. New regulations spell out stringent penalties including instant fines for w… Read More

We will strengthen relations with the US, says President

Speaking in an interview to be used on a promotional video of Kenya in the US, President Kibaki says the Government is c… Read More

Imanyara alleges fresh plot to kill him

Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara stunned Parliament when he tabled a letter he alleged contained death threats against … Read More

Mau Mau takes reparation war to UK

Fifteen Mau Mau war veterans and officials of Kenya Human Rights Commission leave for the United Kingdom today to file a… Read More

It’s back to the past for city’s dead

If Nairobi City Council has its way, it appears set to return city residents to an archaic method of disposing of their … Read More


British high commission on food crisis

Tusker safari sevens

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