Maize harvests in Kisii have dropped from 20 to 12 bags an acre. KENAN MIRUKA/STANDARD]

Kari blames fertiliser abuse for poor maize yields in Kisii

Misuse of fertiliser has caused high soil acidity resulting in declining crop yields in Kisii highlands, reports the Ken … Read More

Farmers differ over contract system

Small-scale farmers in the North Rift have rejected contract farming system announced by Agriculture Minister William Ru … Read More

How maize seeds are bred to boost food security

Because Kenya’s agriculture is rain-fed, local breeders for maize seeds mould their research to fit into rain patterns i … Read More

From seafood to seaweed

As fish stocks decline due to environmental factors, coastal communities that have relied on fishing are turning to seaw … Read More

Researchers screen resistant wheat disease

Scientists have moved in to stop the spread of a resistant pathogen, which threatens to wipe out wheat in eastern Africa … Read More

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Controversy threatens low-cost housing scheme

A herd of goats slip through the barbed wire fence, bleating their way past the yellow earthmover. Sniffing and nibbling, the noisy goats storm through a cream door marching past an empty sitting room into a disused kitchen before leaving through the backdoor. On this hot Sunday afternoon, Waithaka Mugo chases after the goats before abandoning his mission. He dashes to the gate to let in some visitors. “Every weekend, I receive many visitors. Yesterday I had three vans full of people who wanted to view our houses,” he says.

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